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WLAN Design & Engineering

Our highly trained engineers have experience in the planning and development of WLAN infrastructure for virtually every environment. Their knowledge and expertise is used to evaluate each scenario and use-case to ensure that your wireless networks function at optimal efficiency. Equipped with industry leading software, our engineers can show you what can occur within your unique RF space before it's even implemented with detailed predictive analysis.

Staging & Configuration

We manage the scheduling and inventory of all the equipment we specify for a given project. Every component installed is tested and tagged for efficient installation. To protect sensitive electronic equipment all hardware is stored securely until it can be installed. For larger projects in particular this service can be vital as there may be thousands of units to document, tag, and install.

Monitoring & Maintenance

To ensure that a system is always functioning at its optimal level, we can remotely monitor an installed wireless network. We have the experience and tools required to monitor and quickly remediate an incident if necessary. Our typical customers are partners for life and maintaining system integrity with monitoring and maintenance is an important part of our mission.

Security Services

In today’s world, information security is paramount, especially in the wireless realm. Since wireless is an "unbound medium" that can be picked up by anyone with the right tools and who is within range, encryption is imperative. Knowing who and what is associated and what they're allowed to do on that network is an important aspect to consider in the wireless space.

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Modern office environments require new technologies to keep the wheels of business turning. Whether testing new technologies or simply keeping guests connected, wireless has never been more important for maintaining peak efficenty and promoting innovation.



Premier healthcare centers are known for their advancement of medical breakthroughs and top of the line patient care. This level of dedication requires taking patient care to the next level utilizing advanced mobile and wireless technologies.



Learning institutions are eager to introduce new technologies and electronic tools that will create enviroments condusive to improved student performance. When learning is no longer limited to the classroom having robust and widespread wireless access is crucial.



Today's manufacturing facilities are becoming increasingly dependent upon technology to increase productivity. When time can literally mean money it's imperative that the supporting infrastructure for these technological implementations is reliable and redundant.



Consumers today expect deliveries almost immedietly. To meet these high expectations, distribution operations are turning to mobile and automated solutions that expedite product fulfillment from within the distribution network to the customers doorstep.



Increased use of mobile networks has resulted in people having access to their digital lives anywhere. But why be limited to mobile speeds and restrictions? Modern wireless equipment and technologies allow users to have enterprise quality services anywhere, even the local park.


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